“I like to try to innovate. To do something in a way that has never been done before. Whether it is a movie, a painting or a sculpture, I like to challenge myself. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails, but I always want to try something new.”

-Johannes, 2021

New movie genre, the 'reversed mockumentary' (2018): De Vliegende Hond

New painting style, based upon bad internet connections: "Compressionism" (2015-2020)

New photo printing technique, using silver and gold; "Zilverprints"

New definition of "art".

Johannes Hogebrink, artist, filmmaker, sculptor. Born 20-12-1976, Amsterdam
Marrying artist Paulina Siniatkina
1 daughter (Ella, 12) 2 dogs (Chayka and Pancho) 1 bird (Guus, † 2023)